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      HomeAbout us
      ZHEJIANG TISU ELECTROMECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a new and high-technology corporation,which dedicates on serving advanced technology and complete plan for petrochemical industry.We have firm and long-term cooperation with engineering company share by Sinopec Engineering(Group) Co.,Ltd.(SEG),China Huanqiu Contracting and Engineering Corporation (HQC),as well as local engineering companies.We have received highly praise while providing thin lubrication oil station of supporting system and mechanical seal auxiliary products to the domestic petrochemical company.

      Following the main principle of pragmatism,pioneer,efficient,innovation,by our mastery of processing,assembly and welding such as comprehensive production capacity,we are fully qualified to develop and manufacture products,including both standard and customized products.Based on the great knowledge of service,our products can meet the requirements of GB,ASME,API,JIS and so on.

      By adopting the quality uthentication,we have formed strict and complete supervising and control system.We advocate the guideline of “pioneering the market by quality,focusing the quality allover the process,providing product and service to guarantee the satisfaction of clients by quality control system”,as well as stand by the goal of “responsible to client,approved by client”,dedicated to offering excellent products and first-class services to client former and incoming.

      Our products are mainly divided into three categories,which are oil station,water station and other related equipment,the auxiliary seal system of auxiliary machinery,that including buffer tank,cooler,heat exchanger,filter and cyclone separator,and complete sets of parts and accessories that are customized according to the requirements of the clients.